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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Is Fatima Imbibing?

HIV-Aids is a serious and often lethal disease and this blog has been advocating for long a voluntary pre nuptial testing for the couples.

Read this news and wonder what Fatima Ahmed is imbibing:

"It undermines public health and it will further stigmatise and discriminate against people," Aids activist Fatima Ahmed told the BBC.

The proposal was made by opposition MP Maulana Rafeek Shah. He told the BBC the objective was not to discriminate but to educate the Muslim community about the Aids threat. "The objective is to remove the stigma and the mystery that is associated with HIV and Aids," the Democratic Alliance MP told the BBC's Network Africa programme. Mr Shah said the United Ulama Council of South Africa, which oversees Muslim clerics, was going to consider his proposal later in August.

But Ms Ahmed of South Africa's Aids Law Project said the move may be "well intentioned" but was widely unpopular. Promoting HIV tests during marriage, especially polygamous marriages, would be a better initiative as married women were under more serious threat, she said.


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