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Monday, July 28, 2008

Folly Follow Up: Whose Wings Would be Clipped? And Hamid Gul's Spin

Rehman Malik has repeatedly said on Pakistani TV channels that the president, the Army chief, the prime minister and Asif Ali Zardari were not only consulted but had agreed to the change of command of the ISI but each of these players, importantly the presidency and the GHQ, have said categorically that they were not on board. So, Malik has to do a lot of explaining on what was going on and why he was making misleading claims.

It is not the first time that Malik has been acting in such an arbitrary manner and his action of postponing the by-elections without consulting anyone, a decision which had to be reversed, was a similar attempt at exercising power that did not exist in the manner he wanted to use it.

The cryptic remarks of some of the military people made to important journalists about imagining a situation in which the ISI would be run by Malik indicate the level of mistrust and contempt about some of the unelected leaders in the PPP government. But they are thriving and it is a deepening mystery why. - Shaheen Sehbai


Former ISI honcho Hamid Gul has attacked this deal vociferously. In one clip I heard he said ISI is the primary tool of Pakistan's defence and should not be handed over to the Interior.

He thinks the people have short memory.

His contempt for the ordinary Pakistanis is well known.

Among other activities he has indulged in the past is the creation of IJI. That was a pure subversion and sabotage of the political process in Pakistan for which he should be court martialled. What temerity and what audaciousness this Fauji has!

Ex-ISI chief General (Retd) Hameed Gul, for instance, says ISI is the country’s premier strategic asset and its relocation would harm the country’s defence establishment. There were other remarks too made by officers affected by the transfer, like “the move will seriously undermine national security” and “it will lead to the ISI dabbling in the internal affairs while it is tasked with external security” and that “the armed forces personnel received the news with surprise”. LINK


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