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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Asking Ghazi Salahuddin

Ghazi Salahuddin writes: I concede that the challenges this government confronts are frightening and that it has assumed charge at a critical hour. It deserves sympathy and support. But a time of crisis demands resolute action and it can, proverbially, be an opportunity.

I would like Ghazi and any of his media associates in Pakistan who wield some public influence to also write about:

* who can be better at handling the "challenges" at this "critical hour"
* outline these "challenges" and "prioritize" them
* do not refrain from exposing past 'kartoots' of 'present' honchos under the guise of 'helping' democracy 'grow'
* when outlining "challenges" also spent half as much energy in discovering "solutions"


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