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Sunday, August 21, 2005

load / boj'h

since that encounter
Father Time has pressed on
relentless as always
and in countless rendezvous since
we manufactured consent
connected briefly disconnected later

yesterday, suddenly as our eyes locked
dreams and visions stirred
waves of apprehension heave-rolled
but the strength to surf those waves
is elusive now
the heart-mind cannot bear the load
of encounters past

this head feels like a rock
how to lighten this load
that state of Love-Supreme
that passion, that madness
Father Time has re-possessed
how to lighten this load?

ik mood'dut guzar ga'ee hay
oos baat ko ab
janay kitnay shabis'taanouN maiN
ijazat chahi hay hum nay
aur rishtay bana'aye haiN bigaRay haiN

kal jou achanak
phir takra'eeN oon say nigha'haiN
hashr bada'maaN phir hu'a hay takhay'yul
wahaimay aa'aye ho kar oo'jagar
oon rishtouN ka boj'h mag'r ab
kon ootha'aye kaisay ootha'aye

ab tou sir bhi m'ra sang hu'a hay
kaisay karouN is boj'h ko halka
woh aalam e shauq, wa'raf't'gi e junooN
waq't kay haathouN chinnh si ga'ee hay
kaisay karouN maiN is sang ko halka


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