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Sunday, June 30, 2013


  1. Start off in demure lacy lingerie, end up holding a leather whip and wondering how you got there. Lust. That's how.
  2. The powdered wig and signet ring could barely hide The red-veined eyes and curling lip. A judge was he, or a judgment?
  3. "In an instant love turns to obsession. In an instant, he is the object of my affection. It is a game to us all." Tom smiled at Jerry.
  4. By the time he found out his drink had been laced with cyanide, he was too deep in the throes of passion to regret having a fetish
  5. : a: yaar she lusts for leather and lace b: a pakistani dominatrix? i must meet her

Friday, June 28, 2013


  1. I will be Queen, with fairies And sprites in the night A gossamer gown A teardrop crown And a touch that gives dreams To your sleep
  2. : Midsummer Night's Dream: when fairies were real,gender equality was unknown & hallucination was suggestively induced
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Thursday, June 27, 2013


  1. So you're sad? U feelin' guilty Cos you didn't treat her right Karma, that is, In that she got better Too bad you lost bro
  2. aaH yoUn haMara peechA kUrti Rehi Ta hUm Muntashir na hu'aye (needs some more inspiration:call it work u/progress)
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  4. to empower more persons one requires adherence to law
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  1. Stories mislead. The ugly duckling grows into a beautiful swan. Someone tell Junior he's a cockroach and will grow into a bigger one.
  2. : nightingale sans florence: after masters in nursing, she joined MFA without remorse. writing was her first love.
  3. I remember I waited for the clock to strike ten. I remember thinking, "I'll marry him one day. He gets me." You were 45. You sicko.
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  5. He saw her smile and for the first time life seemed possible. In the end she became more beautiful.