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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Colette swung like a pair of frilly knickers on a suburban clothesline
I had a Colette in every arrondissment, but the one in the Treiziéme was my painful undoing. She was the rake to end all rakes.
henry fielding died a year after colette was born. it is safe to assume they never rendezvous at the left bank.
land of plenty / land of fun / to find out / i'm Nimrod's Son... Pixies - Nimrod's Son: via
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Then he was left ululating betwixt Swann's and Guarmantes Way, like a devil in a stoup of holy water.
the regularity with which BBC celebrities violated young actresses was ungentle and departmental
Fedora planted firmly upon his thinning mane, Gérard turned his steps toward the Deuxième, whistling "Thank God for Little Girls."
Their demons met in the second it took to see the ocean in her eyes. A city, a prison, a run-down quarter. Outsiders are not welcome.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


the first sip of that vodka martini brought back memories of her Dali moment - the supreme wonder of being loved for who she was.
drops of sunshine serpent through a murky green underworld / tainting, blurring the perimeters of the glass
i dreamt an unholy alliance of french catholics, spanish jews & the christian right planned to take over the world ... oh, wait.
It is hard to speak of love without the clichés of western civilisation. But, tell me, doesn't adultery smell of burnt moth wings?
The illustrations for the French 75 were drawn by de Chirico, not the other guy. Gala!
in keeping with tradition the Harvard bar menu is divided into 3 parts: For Whites; For Blacks; For 'Others'
: her bailey's cream mustache was more proustian than dalian. the kissing session was delectable
He mixed me some milk & that red elixir that washes the dirt off your soul.And it took me to the times when he was around. And alive.
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Monday, October 29, 2012


His name was persian for aquamarine. Unwilling to stay with him, unable to move on, she took on Kabbala and dyed her curls firuzi.

wily peyote curls liquid dreams of aquamarine with tremors of horrors unknown
leaving his locks behind, Isaac ran off to join the LGBT circus
Pearls shining to a moonlit sky, dress softly rustling against the breeze, she descends on a crestfallen wave never to be seen again
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Sunday, October 28, 2012


She laced his nightly drink with two viagra. He popped two Xanax and swallowed it in one gulp. The evening ended perfectly for her.
The 'haves' sink into their lives to extract potency, the 'have nots' plunge into the dreams. Such paradox!
Sleep walking while dreaming that he lost the ability to walk. Awakened by a thud, he is lying on the floor, unable to move his legs.
It is a potent love that makes her want to sleep anytime she's near him.They could be happy, but she loves him too much to stay awake.
Strange that the dream was potent enough to awaken him from his slumber. With unlimited imagination Such was the paradox.
He had a clear preference for sleep impregnated with dreams, to burning his midnight oil. The ultimate paradox of believers.
A wizard ties a girl who can't sleep to a bed which puts everyone to sleep. The synapses combustion is harnessed for further magic.
while we watch Sandy's descent with baited breath, we ignore the 56 people killed by a tropical storm in the Philippines
"Every Pakistani politician is a liar. Pakistani politics make you a liar." Imran Khan
We will fill the metro skies, with country air. And when you close your tired eyes, I'll meet you there.
Waking up 4m a eon long slumber,he gathered his potent energies 2 force his way 2 love he knew 2 B an unacceptable paradox in itself
As the midnight sun approached the equinox, I tried to wake myself up. But I couldn't. I wasn't sleeping. I was dreaming.
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep, Cause everything is never as it seems- Fireflies by Owl City
love lives not in the darkness it creates
They sleep they think they are awake, they fall they think they are soaring; miserable wretches calling themselves the chosen ones
one was potent / two in slumber / three made for a paradox.
a slumber did my spirit seal / i had no human fears / she seemed a thing that could not feel / the touch of earthly years
: kekule dreamt ("Let us learn to dream, gentlemen. ") [my 2 word story on today's prompt]
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