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Sunday, September 30, 2012


#TS296 She chose a seahorse brooch over serpent & mermaid ones, to go with her regal green gown.They don't look innocent choices,she winked.
#TS296 This wasn't his idea of RnB, but no matter; she only wore seafoam green when she was in the mood. If only he knew which turn to take.

His babyface did him no favours, picking roles below the curve, with his latest having him to only voice a sea horse in a video game. #TS296

#TS296 Woe be the Seraphs and Cherubs of PTI as there poly-mimetic knights in shining armours started falling down the bell curve one by one

#TS296 The Mayor's babyface wasn't redeeming, even when Ms Bellum found out he had been gorging on fried skewered seahorses in China

Saturday, September 29, 2012


For him the original sin wasn't that Eve picked from the tree of knowledge. Instead it was her act of choosing an apple over a mango. #TS295

Earth's indifferent. As is life. A pull for one. A push, another. Man comes. Man stays. Man goes. "But earth abides" and so does life #TS295

#TS295 His Adam's apple quivered queerly as his eyes caught hold of the shapely mangos. They looked sinfully delicious.

Friday, September 28, 2012


#TS294 Setting up a crime racket in Canada's no easy job, but it's what we do. In fact, we'll do it up faster than the speed of sound.

Smoked salmon, caviar & champagne at twice the speed of sound. 'Ah the good life,' he thought. Unfortunately death was eavesdropping. #TS294

#TS294 In debris was found sketch of a lighthouse drawn over a CosaNostra napkin.Caption read 'Only if my life was as smooth as this flight'

#TS294 'Elections are near. I need some blood', he whispered in his thick Italian accent. His daughter's flight to Canada crashed next week.

#TS294 With no time for one last time, the secret lovers gripped hands. Memories of salmon fishing in Nova Scotia flashed before their eyes.

the plane crash in Canada was attributed to a mafia hijacking gone awry, but it was the result of a jilted romance b/w the two pilots #TS294