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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rumours, rumours

In another version floating around it is rumoured that the GoP owed the Bugtis Rs.500 billion accumulated dues for the Sui Gas from their lands, and was willing to cut the check, provided the governor of Balochistan and Zardi get their cut of 100 billlion each. ~~t

TNS: Your father Talal Bugti has been accused of secret association with establishment and also had troubles with Rehman Malik. What's the story?
SZB: My father has not made any deal with establishment. The federal government is giving Rs88,000 per acre land rent in Punjab and Sindh but it is only Rs17,000 in Balochistan. My father asked Islamabad to make the rent compatible with other provinces. At this the interior minister asked for a commission of Rs500 million which my father refused. My father said that this is our right and we are not asking for any favour.
Interview with Shah Zain Bugti by Waqar Gilani


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