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Sunday, June 09, 2013


  1. Surfs and sands they ebb and flows, Her mocha skin his macho brow, kitten eye Jane and cotton eye Joe
  2. faction: scarlett o'hara dropped latte on her dress. luckily the red belt hid the stain well;)
  3. padded by his ignorance, he stripped her image down thread by thread, filtering her until she was simple enough to consume
  4. fresh out of latex, Wonder Woman grabbed her pajamas ... not quite as uplifting
  5. What's wrong with chocolate & coffee? Hon, you'll be sexy & perky So she saw in his eyes defeat of her wild dreams, her mad desires
  6. I will never go hungry again. I will never go sleepless again. I will never want a feudal lord. I am a man who avoids conflict.
  7. The red cotton candy Melting in my hand. I like how you reach for the phone Dialing 911.
  8. just join in - 1 creative tweet somehow involving all prompts & tag with +number for day e.g. today is - spread the word


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