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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nawwab and I: Texakarna (draft 1)

t: so hot
N: heat getting you?
t: yes
N: you mean the heat is unsettling?
t: ..and humidity
N: heat is a bitch
t: mind your lingo in this month
N: you forget. we dogs lookout  for bitches in heat
t: oh Nawwab, your hydrant syndrome!
N: don't start on that. I would hint at your meccamedinaquranhadis syndrome
t: you speak like the 'chosen' species.
N: woof woof. not me, not us. it is you, the lost muslims..
t: ok. since yo are so all knowing, i will not introduce you to any hydrants.
N: and you will add not feed you...or take you out for a walk etc.
t: let us see how you handle that
N: i will bite you


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