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Monday, July 23, 2012

'have a good day!' - she wrote

'have a good day!' - she wrote

where do they teach how to manufacture good days
if a good day can be had world would be serene

apna khayal rakhna, theek say car chalana
kehnay ki haiN yeh baataiN - jo raq’m hay wahaN
oos lamhay say pehlay kuch bhee nahiN hoga

awash in a sea of ifs, buts and what-ifs
we whirl, round and round, till the appointed time

the trouble - with whirling is to know who is whirling
are we doing the rumiesque gyration
or is the world turning twirling around us

the dervishes close two eyes, open the third one
and go round and round synthesising with the One

maybe we should whirl, minute, day, month, year, life
maybe we should whirl with ifs, what-ifs and maybe-s
what more can paupers lose by whirling in the dark
save the troubles that cannot keep pace with the whirl?
round and round and round and round


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