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Monday, July 30, 2012

pleonasm: and how

pleonasm: and how

in six dimensions
imbecility and cretinism
flourish unimpeded
suffocating left brains
transcending barriers
lugubriously yelling
imbecility overcomes everything
let us succumb to imbecility

the cauldron of humble arrogance
the self-promoting intellectual
faux-humble clergy and
the ladies in violet, red and colours in between
their prolix panacea
full of plebeian palaver
tears of tumult
shaming crocodiles

learning dispels fog
thundered the lords of school
as the raw, chasing ensconced ideals
in al-azhar, sorbonne, harvard
coped with cob-webbed overload

as years sailed by
learning and scribbled bigotry
fermented in mind's whirlpool
as casually one day they saw
a new jewel in the crown of imbecility
faces gleaming with mirth and joy
they joined hands and whirled
around the flicker of their pursuit


* a take on:
omnia vincit amor, nos et cedamus amori (love overcomes everything, let us succumb to love)


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