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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Grain In My Empty Bowl, Governing governors,

A Grain In My Empty Bowl

A crusader for justice is silenced. Actually not, says AJIT SAHI

1977 - 2010
Incredible life Azmi went from insurgent to rights lawyer, studying law to serve the poor

HAD SHAHID Azmi been gunned down in Russia, China or Iran, his news would have been all over The New York Times the next morning. Working on the principle that the enemy’s enemy is a friend, the western media offer spectacular support to internal dissent against regimes that appear in eternal conflict with western governments and businesses. But Azmi lived and was assassinated in India, fighting the brutal police State that the Indian democracy has become in its dubious war against terrorism. Because the Indian State is hand-in-glove with the western powers, and because India’s dominant middle classes solidly back that relationship, the western or Indian media are unlikely to hail Azmi, who was killed in Mumbai on February 11, as a martyr to the cause of bringing justice to hundreds of the poor, mostly Muslims, falsely accused of terrorism.

One man, one man alone, is responsible for the mess we are in today, writes Roedad Khan. Wonder who could that person be? Adam? Jinnah? Liaquat Ali Khan? Zi(n)a, Yayha? Bhutto?

Jundallah arrest proves timely for Iran

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA : Fixing Washington ... in Afghanistan

FIVE QUESTIONS 5 questions with Heather Ecker, curator of Islamic art at the DIA

Pakistan proved right in Regi case

Coming out of the nuclear cold

VIEW: Governing the governors of Pakistan —Syed Talat Hussain

In the last 62 years, except for the brief spurt of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's public diplomacy, much of the country's relations with the US have remained a complex network of deals and personal understandings the rulers of the day give to the American negotiators dangling short carrots on long knives

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