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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Take Hamid Mir Off, Ibne Safi in Hindi, The Bhaiyya, The Bandit And The Bak-Bak Artist

Hamid Mir Violates Ethics and the Law - Whether Hamid Mir did this programme because Sheikh Rashid's victory would put a stumbling block in Geo's attempts to oust Zardari or whether he actually indulged in financially corrupt media practices, I cannot say. However, I think there is a strong case for Hamid Mir and his programme to be taken off air for a while as punishment and for Geo to be fined and prosecuted.

Ibne Safi in Hindi
Goldman's golden sunset moment
Iran gets its man

Pakistan is believed to have played a key role in the arrest announced on Tuesday of Abdulmalik Rigi, the leader of Jundallah, a Sunni insurgent group active in southeastern Iran. Tehran is delighted, but thanks to an earlier about-turn by Islamabad, the now al-Qaeda-linked Jundallah could emerge stronger. - Syed Saleem Shahzad (Feb 24, '10)
The Bhaiyya, The Bandit And The Bak-Bak Artist - Most Indians of the post-Independence era know the Awadhi aristocrat as frozen in the Chaudvi Ka Chand mould. On either side of this frozen image lies, well, whatever is not Awadh. “The Purabiya has historically looked down upon the Pachhain (western UPite) as a boor, rich but uncouth, while the Pachhain thinks of the Purabiya as uncivilised and poor,” says Alok Rai. The ones in the middle, of course, do not think much of either. Much of this pride stems from Lucknow’s fabled tehzeeb. Just like the average Mumbaikar does not see himself as merely Maratha, the average Lucknow-ite thinks of himself as poetic, refined, special. Unlike the country bumpkins to the east and the domineering Jats and Rohilla Pathans to the west, which got its fair share of swordplay and looting since it lay en route to the seat of power, Delhi.

M. F. Husain gets Qatar nationality


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