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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saying "Shukria", Shahid Sajjad — Pakistan’s living legend,

Maxim Cartoon

‘India forces change in Pakistan delegation for talks’ - chess moves
Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin resigns -his personal business is more important. A hint for Zardari?
Helmand hullabaloo - spill over?
Sher Khan: Saying “Thank You”, especially to someone subordinate or lower than one’s self in the social order, does not seem to come easily to us as a nation. so true!
Capital Gains Tax to be implemented from July 1
COMMENT: Our quasi-feudal political parties —Babar Ayaz
Shahid Sajjad — Pakistan’s living legend
What a way to grab all for the family, Mr Ambassador!

Mosharraf Zaidi- The "Principles of policy" section has a total of twelve articles, Article 29 through Article 40. Of these twelve articles, two are devoted to the definition of the section, and ten articulate the actual principles. Pakistanis are often bludgeoned with stark reminders of how far short their country falls on international indices of performance. Whether it is the ambient level of human development, or the openness of Pakistan’s markets, or the perception of corruption, everywhere Pakistanis turn, they find their country being ranked among the world’s bottom-feeders.

Book review: A book for all —by Samia Saleem

Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time By Karen Armstrong
Harper Collins; Pp 249

Reviled by her critics and
applauded by her admirers, Karen Armstrong has revealed her story-telling skills, brilliant perception and painstaking research yet another time in Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time. Written expressly with the purpose of removing misunderstandings about Islam in the West in the aftermath of 9/11, the book goes beyond simply highlighting the tolerant and pluralistic character of the faith proclaimed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 7th century Arabia while recounting his life’s journey. She brings it alive through her vivid narration and insightful interpretations. And this is what makes this book a priceless contribution to the literature in the West on early Islam.


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