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Friday, February 19, 2010

Glenn Beck's Dark Past, Another week, another clash & another draw, What Karachi needs the most? The Forgotten Article

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Glenn Beck's Dark Past by John Avlon
The Left's Top 25 Journalists by Tunku Varadarajan
Tomgram: William Astore, The U.S. Military's German Fetish
Tomgram: Pratap Chatterjee, Destabilizing Pakistan
Another week, another clash
What Karachi needs the most?

Harris Khalique The Forgotten Article - The space I use is insufficient to quote the full text but part (a) of the article says, "The state shall secure the wellbeing of the people, irrespective of sex, caste, creed or race, by raising their standard of living, by preventing concentration of wealth and means of production in the hands of a few to the detriment of general interest…" Part (d) ensures the provision of basic necessities of life including food, clothing, housing, education and medical relief. Let's see who discusses Article 38, the courts or parliament.

Rethinking foreign assistance —Gulmina Bilal Ahmad - We cannot take another country’s taxpayers’ money and then spit in their face, but unfortunately that is exactly our attitude towards foreign assistance. After almost 63 years, we should be footing our own social services bills. The fact that we cannot is our failing. If allegedly we have been “exploited under the guise of foreign assistance”, we are the only ones responsible for it. Why should another country look after our interests if we cannot look after our own? Pakistan has not been raped.

Tom Flatearth Friedman: The fact that it has snowed like crazy in Washington — while it has rained at the Winter Olympics in Canada, while Australia is having a record 13-year drought — is right in line with what every major study on climate change predicts: The weather will get weird; some areas will get more precipitation than ever; others will become drier than ever.

Tomgram: Pratap Chatterjee, Destabilizing Pakistan


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