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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Missing in Action, Wrong Logic

With one change Cyril :

But have you seen Zardari or Sharif visiting the injured, condoling with the families of the dead, drumming up the morale of ordinary government officials, supporting the troops out in the field? Sure, he’s a target and his security phobias are already the stuff of legend. But even by the wretched standards of recent times, these are extraordinary days and the public needs reassurance more urgently than ever.

Wrong logic Irfan:

Any general’s worst fear is to have to fight on two fronts. This is one reason our army has been reluctant to move troops away from our border with India, as the GHQ’s perception is that our old foe is still our biggest threat.

The terrorists of the homegrown variety are as much their enemies as Pakistan's. Playing the India card is wrong here.

If the relations were any warmer they would have actively helped Pakistan. Right now, they can only look from afar and pray Pakistan Army succeeds. Logic dictates that they would not attack International borders. Why would India create a situation where the fallout would be adverse to its interests? ``t


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