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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paul Krugman, Twitterfiction, Deformed Genitals, Pakistan & Obama,

But China has been keeping its currency pegged to the dollar — which means that a country with a huge trade surplus and a rapidly recovering economy, a country whose currency should be rising in value, is in effect engineering a large devaluation instead. And that’s a particularly bad thing to do at a time when the world economy remains deeply depressed due to inadequate overall demand. By pursuing a weak-currency policy, China is siphoning some of that inadequate demand away from other nations, which is hurting growth almost everywhere. The biggest victims, by the way, are probably workers in other poor countries. In normal times, I’d be among the first to reject claims that China is stealing other peoples’ jobs, but right now it’s the simple truth. Paul K - The Chinese Disconnect

Twitterfiction takes off - By Alison Flood - Neil Gaiman and Melvin Burgess are the latest authors to explore the potential of storytelling in 140-word bursts. For Neil Gaiman, it began with a disconcerting image of a girl spoken to by her reflection in a mirror. For Melvin Burgess, it was a mother told by a passing elderly woman that her babies weren't human. The two award-winning children's authors have both begun to dabble in storytelling via Twitter, with Gaiman's experiment on the micro-blogging site concluding today, but Burgess set to carry on tweeting.

More and More Boys Born With Deformed Genitals -- What's to Blame? - By Joan Melcher - Scientists are casting a wide net in search of chemicals seen as likely suspects in feminization and reproductive anomalies being spotted worldwide.

10 TV Shows You Have to Watch to Understand the World By Vanessa Richmond -The master lineup of iconic shows that shaped our pop-culture landscape.

Pakistan Can Help Obama To Earn His Nobel Peace Prize
By Javed I. Chaudry It is highly unlikely that Obama can deliver peace for which he won the Nobel prize merely on the basis of his oratories and the political rhetoric. But, Pakistan can help him achieve exactly that by distancing itself from the so called war on terror
Michael Moore's Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now - 5 things to demand Obama and Congress to do immediately, 5 things the politiicans must hear from us, 5 things we should do to protect ourselves and family.

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Floats Presidential Bid -EXCLUSIVE -- BUZZ: Friends and associates are encouraging Roger Ailes -- Fox News founder, chairman and CEO -- to jump into the political arena for real by running for President in 2012. "Ailes knows how to frame an issue better anybody and that's what we need now," says one Ailes friend who is encouraging him to run. Frank Luntz, for one, tells Playbook that Ailes could be a force if does it. "I have known Roger Ailes for 29 years," says Luntz. "No one knows how to win better than Roger."

INTERVIEW : Prevention better than cure? - The British government's counter-terrorism policy, "Preventing Violent Extremism", has been accused of being used to gather intelligence about people's political views and other information related to their personal circumstances. Dr Abdul Wahid, a key player in the British Muslim community, offers his views on the "sinister aims and ideological agenda" of this strategy, and provides an alternative approach. - Mahan Abedin


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