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Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Ayaz Amir Faltering?

Veteran columnist Ayaz Amir admits his crystal gazing is not up to par. He wrote a whole column asking questions while ignoring the most obvious query - and did not mention NRO once.

Zina had to kill Zulfikar.

If Zulfikar Bhutto lived, Zina was toast (and a traitor).

The over hang there was the 1973 constitution.

In the case of Iftikhar Chaudhry and Co-chairman of the hand written will and President by accident (according to curmudgeon Cowasjee) NRO is the dark cloud. So the equation is simple - it is either Zardari or Chaudhary.

The lawyer's march?

They missed their best opportunity when Aitezaz called it off after a day. Their should be a judicial inquiry over why they called it off then.

Meanwhile, the neo Talibans have their sight elsewhere.

Kayani is bogged down.

Let the politicians make hay. And continue to make a mess of affairs of the state.

Can you imagine a day in the near future when people would garland the faujis and distribute sweets?


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