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Thursday, January 29, 2009

CRITICAL SPACE: History denied By Niilofur Farrukh

Reconstruction of religious thought in Islam by Allama Mohammed Iqbal, which has disappeared from the national discourse, needs to be revisited to understand the space it created for the discussion on modernity and religion in the personal and public sphere. Progressive Writers Movement that ran parallel to early Modernism in Pakistan offers many parallels in the assimilation of egalitarian and secular ideas that filtered through writings into society and art practice.

No art history can be complete without a study of the evolution of form and content.

Even a cursory glace at the art history of the last 500 years informs us of crucial transformations in the field. Five centuries would take us to the reign of the great Mughal ruler Akbar who stands among the greatest patrons of arts the world has known. His long rule, from 1556 to 1603 AD, made it possible to established ateliers with extraordinary talent....


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