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Friday, October 24, 2008

SSS:The Talibans Are Laughing But They Are Not Mad

Commenting on the Saudi initiative, retired Pakistani Lieutenant General Hamid Gul, who is close to the Saudi establishment, told Asia Times Online, "You should not call it a Saudi-sponsored peace process. It was simply Hamid Karzai's personal initiative and Saudi Arabia, being a well-wisher of another Muslim nation - Afghanistan - cooperated."

Gul, recognized as one of the architects of the mujahideen's victory in Afghanistan against the Soviets when he was Pakistan's chief spy master, continued, "There was no representation on behalf of the Taliban or on behalf of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The Taliban do not recognize people like Mullah Zaeef [former Afghan ambassador to Pakistan during the Taliban regime] or [Wakeel Ahmed] Muttawakil [Afghan foreign minister during Taliban rule]. That was a straight forward move on behalf of Hamid Karzai to save his sinking ship. His credibility at home is already non-existent due to the corruption of his government ... Through such moves Karzai tried to buy some face-saving for the next presidential elections.

"The same goes with the upcoming mini-jirga. Have you ever heard of dialogue without a party of the conflict?", Gull questioned. "In jirgas, all parties of a conflict are given representation and then through mediation the conflict is resolved. Here, the Taliban are missing.


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