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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baithak Desi Jun 24: Mohammed Hanif, Ansar Abbasi, Anjum Niaz, News & Views, Cartoons, KSE

I asked Channan the identity question once, a term that seems to have been invented basically to make life more difficult for people with a different colour or accent, and easier for privileged PhD students short on dissertation ideas. This was a time when he was creative enough to invent words if he didn't know one. He said that he was a Londoni. Although I wasn't born in Karachi, I always call myself a Karachiite because that's where I found love and work and the sea. So if a Karachiite can live in London for more than a decade, surely a Londoni can be a Karachiite. Mohammed Hanif on swapping London for Pakistan after 12 years

ISLAMABAD: PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif is said to have opposed the 29-judge Supreme Court proposal in the Finance Bill and had asked his MPs in Saturday’s meeting not to support this contentious part of the budget, but this decision was neither announced nor implemented. PML-N Secretary-General Iqbal Zafar Jhagra confirmed to The News on Monday Nawaz Sharif had asked his MPs not to vote for 29-judge Supreme Court Finance Bill proposal. Another senior Leaguer, who had also attended the party’s meeting at Jati Umrah, Raiwind, endorsed Jhagra’s information whereas Ahsan Iqbal, the PML-N top media manager, said no such direction was ever given. Ahsan Iqbal blamed the media for the controversy on the issue but Jhagra admitted Nawaz Sharif’s directive was not properly conveyed to the party MNAs, many of whom were sitting in the National Assembly when the contentious part of the Finance Bill was adopted by the House. Nawaz taken for a ride by his top leaders - Ansar Abbasi

For some time now I have been searching for a person with a perfect resume. Someone smart, sharp and a doer. Not the garden variety of men and women who appear on our radar screens promising us the earth. Very soon, they end up as pygmies. My search for a perfect person or thereabouts has so far failed. In the process, I have lowered the bar, brought the goalpost closer, and made the acid test less stringent. I have even curbed my cynicism, upped my optimism and washed clean my grey cells of preconceived notions. Despite such desperate measures, my hunt for heroes has brought nothing but angst. You can even call it heartbreak. Anjum Niaz's Heartbreak

News & Views

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