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Friday, February 08, 2008

Review: Nokia's sleek new Internet Tablet worth a look

time to switch from palm treo? or wait till they iron out the kinks?t

(CNET) -- Nokia isn't foolish enough to think that its line of Internet Tablets is going to attract everyone. The company has readily admitted that it's for a certain audience--gadget lovers and early adopters--and we certainly agree with that statement.

However, with every successive model, we also see more appeal in such a device. The latest model, the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, features some nice improvements, including a full QWERTY keyboard and integrated GPS.

There's also a more robust Web browser and improved interface, courtesy of the latest Nokia Internet Tablet 2008 operating system.

And while these are all welcome additions, we ended up slightly disappointed when we found the keyboard to be a bit cramped and that you had to pay an extra $130 for driving directions.

As such, we don't think the N810 is necessarily worth upgrading to from Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (you can download a software update from Nokia to get the latest OS) but if you're making your first foray into the mobile Internet devices, the Nokia N810 is a sleek and Web 2.0-friendly choice. The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is available now for $479.99.


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