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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

day off / roz e taateel

day off
one fine day off
thinking of coming snow
climbed the ladder
to clean the eaves trough
washing, draining, bagging debris
took me couple of hours
in the scorching sun

next on the list
not the smoking
but not inhaling kind
in the desi context
mowing was the domain
of the lowliest of the low
but here, dear t...
moing consumed
another hour or two

next on the list
like the children
of the third world
why do they keep on sprouting?

sunset was now an hour away
thought of a quick shower
before taking in the sunset
from my favourite perch
savouring the delights
promised in heaven
on earth

as i entered the shower
overheard my partner in sin
"shaa'er haiN woh,
kaam kay nahiN haiN kuch."*

*îPoet he is
(almost) good for nothing!î

roz e taateel
sarma ki barf kaa souch kar
seeRhi nikali gayraaj say
aur lagg gaya
chath ki naaliyouN ki
safaee dhulaaee maiN
ghantay dou younheeN guzar ga'aye
toond dhoop maiN

fehrist daikhee phir eek baar
ghaas kat tay kat tay
ghantay dou younheeN guzar ga'aye

fehrist daikhee phir eekbaar
kay bachchouN ki maanind
yeh oogtay hi chalay jaatay haiN

shaam say q'ble
soucha ghusal karouN
phir hou
kouch naimatouN kay saath--
naimataiN junnat ki
zamin pay

ghusal gah maiN daakhil hotay hu'aye
phone pur goof-tu-goo kartay hu'aye
oonkay yeh alfaaz kaanouN say takraai
ìShaa'er haiN woh
kaam kay nahin haiN kooch.î


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