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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

conversation ii / baataiN

conversation ii
every conversation
is not for all ears
tales of religion and dogma
of faith and myths
-- what do we know?
letís change the dayís light
for the blanket of darkness
and in that solitude
say something
trite or meaningful
who said
all conversation
is for all ears

kehnay ki sub baataiN kahaN
deen-o-dharam kay yeh qissay
baataiN eemaan-o-hararat ki
hum kya janaiN?
kyuN naa dinn kay ujalouN ko
raat ki tareeki say badíl dalaiN
khoolwat kay chund lamhON maiN
kuch kaam ki baataiN kur dalaiN
sub baataiN hee bhala
kehnay ki kub hoti haiN


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