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Thursday, July 18, 2013


  1. you can condition some of the people all of the time; & sometimes condition almost all of the people, but ...
  2. as Giles lectured on the suffering & sacrifice of the Puritans, Constance dreamt of whips & chains
  3. my dream never promised me a tangible finality i remain a dreamer still. we meet for but a moment each night.
  4. They should teach us to craft castles out of clouds; and mold myths out of matchsticks.
  5. : (c)ramming holy myths down young ones' throat as they learn by rote makes not (any) religion a savior for humanity
  6. thanks : Pedagogical/fantasy/reification . Tagging for prev anthos here
  7. The reification of pedagogical institutions is strictly congruent with the fantasy of pop culture.
  8. sanity insanity relative reference points I love you without a reason. Bas.


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