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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


  1. Oblivion is the sharp turn that leads to the precipice from whence I fly
  2. Himavant and Arete were soulmates who never met. Oblivious of their origins, today, one flows into a river and the other in a word.
  3. "Ganga was sunken, & the limp leaves / Waited for rain, while the black clouds / Gathered far distant, over Himavant." The Wasteland
  4. everest declaration: i am arete in greek & french unlike fickle men i stand my ground
  5. Two Nandas howl an emptiness vast as a bottomless abyss, steeped in guns or glory, fire and ice
  6. nuture's nature needs a knack / for natures nurtured with no tact / know a world that is too dark
  7. sound bites stating the obvious pollute the heights of language
  8. Their unrelenting egos, continually eroding their persons, finally culminated in a peak of self-destruction, never to be remembered.
  9. RT "No amount of effort can save you from oblivion." A peek inside Kurt Cobain's letters
  10. Pliss to RT prompts: Arete; Himalaya; oblivion.
  11. a chameleon set free in mountains white; unable to fold into unknown folds...deceives itself , goes plain green.
  12. Prompts for from : Areté, Himalaya, oblivion. Pls RT.

Monday, April 29, 2013


  1. bulging fat bank account,a bullet ki speed wali gaddee he is sure of a win.Sees not the Tsunami at the bend.
  2. :) : Roses are red Your wallet is due If you don't let me in I'll put a bullet in you
  3. Roses are red Your wallet is due If you don't let me in I'll put a bullet in you
  4. drip, drop, slip,splash, gather, pour, course, stream, tumble, rush, gush, smash - embankments stop the flow
  5. a wallet without money is like an ocean without fish or a bullet without firepower
  6. a man without wealth is like a fish out of water or a gun without a bullet
  7. roti kyuN ho cheekthi kyuN ho paisay day dO jaan bachcalO
  8. Muss es sein? Es muss sein? Take out your wallet and may the unbearable lightness find you your Tereza
  9. as he landed his seaplane in korangi creek, he said, 'ballots are influenced by bullets or wallets here.'
  10. Rain gods of the city lost all clouds. "I'd inlet some nice shiny bullets, if u keep dancing!" offered the godfather. They all agreed
  11. City's biggest Party decided to call a spade a spade in its 'blood riverlet manifesto,' and lost not a single vote this May 2013.
  12. thanks Prompts for . bullet. wallet. inlet. Tagging for prev anthos here
  13. "Give me your wallet," said the illiterate thug with a TT on I. I. Chundrigar Road. "Otherwise I will inlet a bullet your head."
  14. Once upon a time there was a city called karachi
  15. Fixed. Prompts for . bullet. wallet. inlet. Tagging for
  16. in wartime to protect our cattle we had to wallet in. but we left an opening and it inlet the random firing. the bullet died :-(
  17. :-) Prompts for . bullet. wallet. inlet.