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Sunday, March 31, 2013


  1. the Bollywood star shifted his belly, wiggled his moustache and leered at the starlet
  2. dr faustus went to church / to relieve his heart of pain / cut it from the top / put it in the slot / never lived to see the change
  3. the walls are lined with the fallen, the rooms filled with chests of remnants. a soundless mark of hell on earth
  4. Lost and alone, Noor Jahan sang of filthy warriors. They were the devils who stole her soul and replaced it with a song.
  5. who can tell the difference between the devil and you? satan scratched his chest in utter…
  6. who can tell the difference between the devil and you? satan scratched his chest in utter confusion... You are such.
  7. : Mephisto's half cocked smile said it all to Faustus; itwas the smile of 1 who could talk a rainstorm into leaving him dry
  8. 'yaar he looks like a neanderthal mephisto.' 'be quiet. he is the marauding taliban's mentor.'
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Saturday, March 30, 2013


#TS476 She had potential, he had capital. Together they ruled the world. Goldie Hen & Midas Roost, a love story for the ages.
  1. A non-Duchenne smile involves only the zygomatic major muscle which raises the corners of the mouth: not worth its 'weight' in gold.
  2. sitting within the range of a golden shower is not funny
  3. she laughed at shakespeare 'with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come' ... thank god for fillers!! NO wrinkles dare come :)
  4. Leaving her baby back in the village~she went to the city~looking after another's child~heartbreak of a domestic worker
  5. after the laughter has died down.. long after it has died.. I see the remains lie in a heap at the edge of our lives
  6. 'Forget the squirming souls. Focus on the sunset instead.' She told him the only passion she was interested in had a 'com' in front.
  7. The setting sun dragged all hope with it as it drowned into the blue; the guiding stars were just a bokeh from where he stood.
  8. "Poor baby!", said the cheerful blond to the mathmo. "20 years of studying and you don't even know the golden ratio of love is 1:1"
  9. peripheral musings: golden temple - serene golden girl - bondish golden boy - myth golden mirth - non existent
  10. Golden sequins and crooked laughter. Call me your queen bee.
  11. somewhere out there the duck sits, mirthless menace in its eyes
  12. She got her hair cropped really short...practiced the cowboy guffaw...the swag...all she wanted..was to fit into her circle...
  13. of all the mirth and joy & ancillary pleasures none can be sensed in this searing heat thirsty and barefoot in mid rab al khali
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  15. The short blonde hair, wide-eyed smile, ready laugh, lost-boy look was all a facade. As was the fact that she wasn't a boy.
  16. 'Golden smile'- peripheral mirth fighting to get out and some such poetic nonsense. All we saw were yellow, cigarette stained teeth.
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