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Thursday, February 28, 2013


  1. Curls, wild eyes, class. A rare mix, this gypsy girl. The class had cost her her free spirit; but those wild eyes, they hid it well.
  2. having an 80's moment? Personally, I loved the ear in the wilds and the Rossellini lady singing in the noire...
  3. dennis hopper & david lynch both did drove beetle wagons, but were not born on inner or outer hebrides. were you?
  4. prompts are Blue Velvet, VW Camper Van, The Hebrides

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


  1. But by the time the food packs, med aids and wishes had passed on from the West to the East, the concern had lost its potency.
  2. these prompts-privilege, irony and lost-remind me of portraits of nawaz sharif & that of the ghostly BB in the background
  3. the sword of Damocles hangs heavy over the world
  4. 'that's so ironical!' she squealed in response to his sarcasm, promptly losing any chance with him
  5. wealthy kids spend their life complaining to their friends about their parents, never realizing that the friends are more destructive
  6. Former PM Tony Blair says life in Iraq is not what he hoped it would be when he decided to invade 10 yrs ago
  7. prompts: privilege; irony; lost

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


  1. "We're the rock-punkists and we believe that on the 8th day, God strummed His air guitar to hono--" "INFIDELS!! DIE!!"
  2. Let this be x ! fx=y, or fx=-y, Either/Or, question the function, repeat ad infinitum PS Goldberg variations in the background help
  3. It pours forth, at its own account, as if out of nowhere, and you can marvel at it from a distance, what flowed through your own pen
  4. Higher resistance = higher resonance. Learn to believe & all will be calm. "But I hate the silence of the broken stereo, that's all."
  5. her whiff of NO/ in verbal non-verbal mode/ is enough to send infatuation to the believer's roller coaster(just a quick one
  6. her lehjay, her zubaan maiN oos kaafir ka inkar/ youN is dil e nadaan ko kerta hay bay qarar (scurrying to translate)
  7. He believed his music would woo her. She pretend to like the ukulele. Both were airy, not musical.
  8. Prompts for : ethnic, atheist, air guitar. Pls RT.

Monday, February 25, 2013


  1. Wilting corsages on Ariels entrapped in bell jars, sun light filtering through sun-dyed hair, toasts to virgin suicides.
  2. losing our mythical tails is no bar to monkeying around with spices in the kitchen (for one who can't even boil eggs.)
  3. The culture was unwilling, but she couldn't just sit there & be the mistress of spices in her kitchen. So she became the woman on top