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Thursday, December 27, 2012


He was raising a herd of Rouge de l'Ouest, hoping to make cheesecake from scratch. Every day he was traipsing, and they were grazing
The lipstick smeared aunty stumbled to the counter and shouted, "Uj tay bari axer-seyz ker li. ik neyoon-yaark cheenz cake tay deo"
After retiring from her geisha activities, she travelled far and wide to discover the ultimate strawberry cheesecake recipe
Far across a morning sky, moments after the clouds disperse, she'll carve my name out of a rainbow, my name in red.
Slowly walking under the bright red sky, looking up to see the moon-- it was made of cheese. The pixies laughed at her bewilderment.
She sat alone at the table,the red dress finally wrinkled after hours of restless pacing & trepidation. Just one of those nights.
For him she put on her first face. Over bad coffee they smiled while his phone blinked. After dessert they decided to be strangers.
Prompts for from : traipse, rouge, cheesecake. Pls RT.
The worker ants traipsed around the hill to find the crumbs of cheesecake their queen loved.
she warned her students not to traipse between beefcakes and cheescakes, or they'd would end up with red faces.
at the factory café, she kissed the man who gave her those Louboutins, and danced out of his sight forever.
thanks prompts for traipse, rouge, cheesecake [pls. tag for ] prev anthos here
'cheesecake,' demanded the client. 'baked or cold?' replied the bored streetwalker
Madame rouged bright when she found that cheesecake photos of her had wandered all over the internet.


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