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Monday, December 31, 2012


another Sunday defending eastern borders that cost 21 lives in the northwest.

Sunday snow | On the Kargil hills | Death still looms
osterich syndrome: to seek solace and quietus from small victories.
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Correction: Weekend eve he wouldn't celebrate.Instead,he watched the tv & inbetween commercial breaks tuned into
Sunday broke like an orange posthumous dream, lulled the crickets and reduced our world to a battlefield of a colonial game.
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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Friday, December 28, 2012

to the unnamed victim


it is best 
you've  moved

in this mayhem
dignity is
badgered, bludgeoned
no corner
of god's earth
is spared

of bodies
move us not

cyber outrage
dharnas and
like ocean waves

dying at the shores
a thousand deaths

your still body
will give birth
to justice
is my
hope and prayer 

achcha hu'a tum rooth gaeeN
mishgaaN haiN pur'num aur
dil fasurda  laikin
achcha hu'a tum rooth gaeeN


"Baby, baby, baby, oohhh " Oops. Justin Beiber threw up on stage and suddenly it wasn't so dandy for his crushing female following
"Ain't loyal to no traditions, baby", said the alt-life-style artist, crushing weed with his fingers. "hum New Year's Adam manaye ga"
in praise of (loyal) older women: she was no cradle robber. she had a crush. married him 15 years later
The child was born of perfidy. All hope had died, all hope was vested in him.
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Clearly growing up has crushed many a spirited loyal merry makers!
Wo kahin bhi gaya, lauta to mere paas aaya | Bass yahi baat hai achi mere harjaai ki
awwe, you have a little flame growing for baby BBZ? So cute, Pakistan.
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It's a childish little thing, this hope that one day it will work out/Hope that gets crushed with each sunset. Darkness becomes you.
Those piercing ice cold blue eyes always won her over, she knew something was amiss but her unflinching faith never let her falter.
See your face every place that I walk in/Hear your voice every time I am talking/ You will believe in me/And I will never be ignored

Thursday, December 27, 2012


He was raising a herd of Rouge de l'Ouest, hoping to make cheesecake from scratch. Every day he was traipsing, and they were grazing
The lipstick smeared aunty stumbled to the counter and shouted, "Uj tay bari axer-seyz ker li. ik neyoon-yaark cheenz cake tay deo"
After retiring from her geisha activities, she travelled far and wide to discover the ultimate strawberry cheesecake recipe
Far across a morning sky, moments after the clouds disperse, she'll carve my name out of a rainbow, my name in red.
Slowly walking under the bright red sky, looking up to see the moon-- it was made of cheese. The pixies laughed at her bewilderment.
She sat alone at the table,the red dress finally wrinkled after hours of restless pacing & trepidation. Just one of those nights.
For him she put on her first face. Over bad coffee they smiled while his phone blinked. After dessert they decided to be strangers.
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The worker ants traipsed around the hill to find the crumbs of cheesecake their queen loved.
she warned her students not to traipse between beefcakes and cheescakes, or they'd would end up with red faces.
at the factory café, she kissed the man who gave her those Louboutins, and danced out of his sight forever.
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'cheesecake,' demanded the client. 'baked or cold?' replied the bored streetwalker
Madame rouged bright when she found that cheesecake photos of her had wandered all over the internet.