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Saturday, February 19, 2011

all politicians are the same

all politicians are made of the same dna

barak yeswecan obama's first veto at the SC is a point

khalifa's firing is another

the world as we see is replete with such examples

the more things change...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

spare me your friendship

we love friends
appreciate some
like a few
but spare me
your friendship


the US's friendship
is a curse
in the third world
that rains misery
and death


ask mossadegh
mohammed bouazizi
rahat said
shah, sadat

Sunday, February 13, 2011

maiN aur m'ra tazabzoob

maiN aur m'ra tazabzoobb
woh aur ooskay masaail e tassaw'oof
woh aur oos ki uljahanaiN
woh aur ooska kehna kay hum daikhaiN gay
mujhay mehv-e-hairaaN rehnay dO

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mohamed Bouazizi's Domino Effect Continues

when denied democracy, people vote with their feet, hands, mouth

the egyptians are different from the pakistanis in that:

musharraf introduced emergency. hot tempered pakistanis rose in unison. public and government property was indiscriminately destroyed.

the egyptians endured the excesses of 'emergency' rule for 30 years. and they overthrew the tyrant peacefully.

Mohamed Bouazizi's domino effect rolls.

uncertainty mixed with betrayed hope continues to shroud pennsylvania avenue

Friday, February 04, 2011

Mohamed Bouazizi's Domino Effect:

Who is most sacred of the fallout from the tsunami unleashed by Mohamed Bouazizi?

Mubarak, his family and cronies that is a given. They have minted their fortunes so no sympathies there.

Pepe Escobar also wonders, tongue in cheek, this "revolution" may have been brought about by President Obama.

Here is my view in no particular order

The US:

The dreams of the once might military industrial complex of President Eisenhower, now reformulated as Drug-Military-Indutsrial complex are somewhat unsettled with their ongoing follies Iraq and Afghanistan. The plans for domination of the US Raj by another name fumbles and stumbles. Their proxy in the region, Israel has been aided by billions over the years and to secure Israel and the US has also pumped billions in Egypt.

Sadat and his successor Mubarak were willing accomplices, if not puppets. in essence they turned Egypt into a proxy of US's proxy with help from the Egyptian Army.

No one can predict who will wrestle the power from the army. This army was and is in full collusion with Mubarakites.

If the army succeeds in pulling the wool over the Egyptians then the US would indeed be happy. Status quo is good for the DMI complex. Which brings us to Israel.


In their paranoia for survival, they continue to make enemies out of their fellow Semites in the region. Egypt, pumped by US billions, was a reliable partner in this quest. Remember, the Gaza blockade could not survived without Mubarak's collusion. The lone democracy in the turbulent regions feels threatened with the democratic aspirations of the Egyptians (or Jordanians or Saudis.) They would live to turn the clock back. King Abdullah is Mubarak lite.


Palestinians form 2/5th of subjects. He is also burdened with US friendship. Like Yemen, he has also started taking preemptive measures. Whether it work will depend on the shape the uprising in Egypt takes.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudis are equally baffled if not more. Flushed with petro dollars, they have been clandestinely exporting their version of Islam all over the world. They are also the US's best allies, after Israel and Egypt. That speaks volumes for the Muslims.

The Saudis are scared of the domino effect. They would do anything to stop Egypt falling into the wrong hands. There are rumors that they are financing the pro Mubarak demonstrations. They have to stop this domino effect for their own survival


The Egyptian Army may be seen as friendly to the aspirations of the protesters. But the generals are not.

If there is hope for ushering in a new order in Egypt, the protesters must ensure not only Mubarak, but everyone associated with him faces accountability. And exile. Their opponents are formidable. They include not only Mubarakites, but also the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.