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Monday, December 14, 2009

Suspect Investigative report, Made MenTheory

Ties that bind: Lashkar and the global jihad - This is a long and detailed article. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the article because when I cam across this passage:

First recruited by the Lashkar in 1998, Masood became a protégé of Arif Kasmani — a Karachi-based Partition migrant who is alleged to have financed the fire-bombing of the New Delhi-Lahore Samjhauta Express

The accuracy is suspect. According to Indian investigators their prime suspect in that bombing is a retired Colonel who is under arrest. I would take the motives of the writer with a grain of salt.

And here in the Mad Men Theory the experienced Vir Sanghvi is feigning naivete and innocence:

Because the Pakistanis maintain a careful ambiguity about where power actually besides within their society, they are able to speak in many voices at the same time. Time after time, Indian leaders fall for this. Even as astute a tactician as Indira Gandhi bought Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s claim that he would not include the acceptance of the Line of Control in Kashmir as the international border in the Simla Agreement because “public opinion in Pakistan is so strong that I will be lynched when I go back”. Now Pakistan denies Bhutto ever agreed to this.

When it comes to foreign affairs, particularly Indo Pak policies the buck in Pakistan stops with the Faujis. The civilian government is mostly decorative. He makes us believe that South Block policy makers do not know this?

So gullible Indian intellectuals say things like “It is our job to save Pakistan.” Or even, “A strong and stable Pakistan is in India’s best interests.” (Is it? Why? So it can send more terrorists here and keep shifting the blame? Would India really be worse off if Sindh seceded? If Baluchistan revolted?)

An unstable Pakistan is NOT in India's interest. It will be a unmanageable nightmare that no army in the world would be able to control.

The he writes...

If history has taught us anything, it is this: talking peace with Pakistan gets us nowhere.

If he really wants to learn from history...then he would learn that each and every time the two states begin peace overtures, they are sabotaged and dynamited by the hardliners from within their states. That is what happend in Lahore, that is what happened at Agra...


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