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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cyril Almeida, Babar Sattar, Anjum Niaz, Why Karachi is safe so far,

The military k(h)akistocracy has failed - Ayub, Yahya, Zi(n)a anbd Musharraf's military k(h)akistocracy failed the nation and people miserably. Now Cyril Almeida wonders, "Sixty-two years since its creation, the country still doesn’t have the answer to the question, can our politicians ever make it work?"

And Babar Sattar writes us, "We need to rid ourselves of our Rehman Maliks and instead empower capable professionals, who understand the state's obligations, value human life and have the expertise and the ability to conceive and implement practical solutions to bolster our security in these tough times." And under which "system" these capable professionals would emerge from and govern?

And Anjum Niaz asks, "We have a right to ask about the reported "out-of-court settlement" between the First Lady and the NAB." But what is the point dear Anjum? Is hamaam maiN sub naNgay haiN.

One notable achievement of the MQM, which has made it almost impossible for the PPP to touch it, has been the tight security control of the MQM in the city against terrorist attacks. MQM vigilantes monitor and patrol almost all neighbourhoods and keep a watch on all suspicious people, thus denying the suicide bombers the space to hide and strike.The Pathans, led by the ANP in Karachi, are also on the same side on this issue and this has made Karachi the safest city in the country in the context of terrorist attacks. While the PPP runs the government, the credit has to go to the MQM and the ANP and this is also an unusual situation. President Zardari, of course, cannot take any of the credit. Shaheen Sehbai


Anonymous Anonymous said...

" MQM vigilantes monitor and patrol almost all neighborhoods and keep a watch on all suspicious people, thus denying the suicide bombers the space to hide and strike "

This is funny seriously, how did you got onto that conclusion is to be found.

The thing is, KHI has the best potential the TALIBAN badly need i.e finance

Much of the money gathered for "so called" mosque constructions, and falashi or rafahi work and all other such philanthropic activities are UNCHECKED in KHI and you may never know you money for a madrasa or yateen beva is ending up in waziristan. One of my close friends from Korangi told me last week that one of his mohalleydar (mullah) told him that on average he gets 7 to 8 lack ruppee per month as donations/charity etc. NOW who on earth will determine where this money is going?

And if one guy can accumulate this much amount, imagine the thousands of other in 15 million PLUS the wealthy RIGHT-wing traditional sources in KHI. Count all this and you get a figure which is sufficient to keep a guerrilla war with an ARMY.

We know the dismal state of our law and its authorities and we also know how the religious parties make a big fuss if their sources and funding are made accountable.

The fact is KHI is the easiest to hit, and it has noting to do with MQM guys keeping an eye.

While MQM has a history of militancy they are not "culturally" bold to stop suicides and nor they are very much fond of this "shahadat" tag that the RIGHT-wing school of thoughts are.

Yes they are doing a very very good job in keeping and eye BUT THAT IS NOT THE only reason. There are other political reasons which is out of the scope of this topic so i wont go into its details.

The main reason why KHI is safe is if this city goes in sleep, the funding for the TALIBAN will also be limited.

But make no mistake, KHI is the easiest to hit. Its a mixture of luck and timings (since TALIBAN are occupied with other areas like Sawat and now Waziristan) plus the funding part and lastly the MQM guys keeping an eye which has kept this city safe till now.

But dont count on this all . .

November 08, 2009 12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

o here we go, NFP saying the same thing , i.e the finance part of the TALIBAN movement:


November 08, 2009 9:37 AM  

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