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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Learn to play Bridge, Collecting Headlines, Top Ten Geniuses, CIA agents ,

Learn to Play Bridge I, Fred Gitelman for the American Contract Bridge League This free software program was created by a founder of Bridge Base Online. Players can learn basic rules in five minutes, or go through the entire program and digest the equivalent of a 1,000-page book, says Mr. Gitelman.

Ten Young Geniuses Shaking Up Science Today - Meet PopSci's annual Brilliant 10--a selection of the brightest young researchers in the country. They're helping to keep us healthy, prevent disasters, and make green energy cheaper than coal. Lucky for us, our future is in their capable hands

Collecting Headlines Funnier Than This - Headlines in the satirical weekly newspaper The Onion tend to function both as punch line and setup, in that order. They are the heart of the paper, and not only the first thing anybody reads, but also, unlike headlines in real newspapers all over the world, the first things to be written. The staff devotes the first two days of every week to composing headlines, then assigns the articles that will run beneath them and provide a body of supporting jokes.

23 CIA Agents Convicted in Italy for Kidnapping Cleric in "War on Terror" - By Gina Doggett, Agence France Presse - The CIA's Milan station chief at the time, Robert Seldon Lady, was sentenced to eight years in prison and othersto five years, all in their absence in the landmark trial.

Russia, India and China go their ways - Despite its best efforts, Russia failed at a recent trilateral summit to get India and China to agree to a common regional initiative regarding Afghanistan. This failure ensures that the United States can now press ahead with its own strategy of striking grand bargains individually with these key players. - M K Bhadrakumar

New Remarkable Numbers Released: Water Use in the US Has Dropped Per Person by 30 Percent Since 1975 - By Peter Gleick, Pacific Institute - It is possible to improve the efficiency of water use and such improvements eliminate the need for expensive and environmentally damaging new supply.

Obama's world outreach teetering - Just months after well received speeches in Turkey and Egypt, setbacks from Afghanistan to the West Bank to Pakistan, Iraq and Iran have seen belief plunge in the Muslim world over United States President Barack Obama and his plans for progress. With this, anti-US sentiment is back on the rise. - Jim Lobe

I'll Tell You What Yesterday's Election Results Mean: Nada - By Joshua Holland, AlterNet

Why Can't the Corporate Media Just Tell the Truth About Iraq & Afghanistan? - By Rory O'Connor, - One NY Times reporter finally 'fesses up that the invasion of Iraq wasn't presented truthfully by the big media outlets. It's still not too late to tell the truth.
Everyone's spinning it otherwise, of course.


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