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Friday, November 06, 2009

Shafqat Mahmood, Censorship by another name, NAPA students, Trouble with Hakimullah

Kayani's personality is such that it is difficult to believe he will go into a military campaign before analysing everything in detail and preparing for all eventualities. He may not win everything, but it won't be for lack of deliberation and hard work. An aspect of that is visible in the current Waziristan campaign. First, it is in the targeting of the anti-Pakistan Tehrik Taliban (TTP) and its foreign allies in the Mehsud area. The Wazirs in the shape of Gul Bahadur and Maulvi Nazir have been left alone, and in effect neutralised. This despite American pressure to take them on as they have links with the Afghan Taliban, particularly the Haqqani groLinkup. This has ensured protection of an important flank of the campaign. Shafqat Mahmood

Robber beaten to death When law and order is denied we turn lawless

However, the mistakes, Chinoy said had provided valuable lessons for the organisers and said that these would be avoided. An internal committee has been set up with Photographer Amean Jan as one of the members. This committee would actively work to consider every exhibit piece and judge whether they could elicit an unfavourable response from members of the public. Internal Censorship at Shanaakht

NAPA students’ troupe wins hearts in India - A team of National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) graduates returned to Karachi last week from Amritsar, India, after a successful show at the South Asia Foundation Festival for Peace-2009. They had performed an experimental play, titled “Jaaney Pehchaney Ajnabi”, under the direction of Zain Ahmed. The efforts of the troupe were largely appreciated.

“Remember this is the commandment of God that once fighting starts with the enemy, you cannot leave the battlefield without permission from your commander, and don’t look for excuses to run away from the fighting,” Hakimullah told his followers in a speech on Tuesday broadcast over a wireless radio network. Of those, who do run away, he warned, “Such people will go to hell.”The intelligence officials shared a recording of the speech with The Associated Press, to show that the militant leader is concerned about desertions in the ranks. “We are in Jihad and we should not pay heed to the whispers of Satan. We should sacrifice our lives for Islam so that we can feel pride on the day of judgment,” Hakimullah said. Trouble in Hakimullah's Paradise?


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