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Monday, October 26, 2009

Farhat Taj dissecting Roedad Khan, Kashmir Peace Park, Find Zardari or Sharif - A new Game,

Now, moving on to another point raised by Roedad Khan, in his article, which was to compare the Faqir of Ipi with the Taliban leadership based in Waziristan. This is akin to an insult to the Faqir because, unlike the Taliban commanders, he was fighting for the land and for the people of Waziristan – and he was fighting a colonial power. He did not make grand claims in terms of spreading a religious ideology globally and he never killed or targeted any local people. He never banned the tribal jirga – rather, his struggle was endorsed by the jirgas. Also, he never banned music, dance or any other local custom. Furthermore, he and his men never attacked women and children and did not do anything to places of worship. Farhat Taj dissecting Roedad Khan

Both India and Pakistan can turn the Kashmir valley into a jointly administered Peace Park and a hub of tourism. If the US and Russia can agree to share an international park in the Bering Strait, so can New Delhi and Islamabad in Kashmir. Dozens of peace parks envisioned by Nelson Mandela are operating successfully in Africa, providing a model for such efforts. Kashmir Peace Park

Find the President. This is a game for the whole family. Everybody can join in. If you have an internet connection it’s more fun, but even if you don’t, you can join in anyway. The purpose of the game is to Find the President. Extra points are earned if you Find the President doing something vaguely useful, like visiting the poor, cutting the tape on the opening of a new sugar mill or donning a helmet whilst visiting the troops on the frontline. - Chris Cork
And a similar game... Find the leader of Opposition...? ~~t


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