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Monday, August 03, 2009

Nawwab and I: Have You Adopted a Terrorist Lately?

N: Is this an open season for ATT on Desi?
t: ATT?
N: Adopt a Terrorist Today?
t: Every one is entitled to their views.
N: NIMBY? [not in my back yard]
t: that too. TADA?
t: Terrorist Adoption & Development Agency
N: Yawn. What brought his confession?
t: Whatever it is, it cannot be physical torture.
N: Woof woof. How can you be so sure?
t: Haven't you seen the Channel 4 documentary? He has been singing since day one.
N: Ask me about the confession.
t: O Wise Nawwab, please tell me?
N: Guess first.
t: He is fed up of solitary confinement?
N: No.
t: They don't let him see Amitabh movies?
N: No.
t: Lashkar has disowned him?
N: No.
t: The houris promised him are black and ugly?
N: Don't be facetious.
t: He is convinced he shall remain incarcerated in Arthur Road Jail's Anda Cell?
N: No.
t: Phir tou maharaj aap hee bata daiN.
N: Hum maharaj nahiN Nawwab hain.
t: OK, so please tell me why?
N: He fesses up because he cannot accept a life with only vegetable diet.
t: Yes, I see now, that would be a double whammy. Vegetating as a veggie.


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