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Monday, October 31, 2005

jinnah and gandhi

my post on Ban on Play Mr. Jinnah

mr. j: what is all the fuss about?
t: i don`t know, sir
mr. j: they haven`t stricken off all those archaic laws in the past 58 years?
t: sir, i am not a playwright, just a small unread poet
mr. j: do you know what the play is about or were they cashing in on advani?
t: sir, you seem to be pretty well informed there
mr. j: i am busy, will you kindly answer me?
t: (he is still humour impaired )
mr. j: i can read your mind. anybody here can, just like you can read the caller`s id number
t: you sir the play i can only tell you after the writer responds to my friend in TO, they are in delhi
mr. j: ok, and tell stuka to cool it, dung happens
t: am shocked sir, i mean....ok....sir, i will tell him
mr. j: ok... we get movies here too....saw forrest gump the other day
t: (hmmmm that explains dung)
mr. j: mind your own business young man. good bye!


t: mr. jinnah?
mr. j: is it important young man?
t: i do apologize for this interruption…
mr. j: is alright…they are making a fuss
t: they?...(oh he can read my mind)
mr. j: mr. gandhi and i are bridge partners here
t: you can play bridge there?
mr. j: what does that have to do with this young man?
t: kuch nahin sir. am just amazed at the pent up fury in folks down here
mr. j: will you pass a message from me?
t: that would be an honour, sir.
mr. j: tell them to forget about us old fogies. we played our roles. tell them to open up their eyes and work towards what they have.
t: fine advice sir.
mr. j: anything else on you mind? no i won't rat on mr. gandhi! he is my partner and a fine person.
t: is it possible to talk with him?
mr j: sure, it is time for a cigar and a drink for me.


mr. g: tamay kem cho?
t: ji?
mr. g: tum log kaiko itna jhgaRa karta bhai? pyar say kaiko neen rehta?
t: sir, what can i say. down here there is so much lingering and festering hostility
mr. g: arey bhai itna taime chala gaya. jo hum ko bhagwaan nay karnay ko diya woh hum log kiya. ab yeh sub laphRa jaanay dO. bhai bhai ka maafik raho.
t: sir, bhai bhai is a far cry down here.
mr. g: maloom hay, maloom hay hum ko sub maloom hay. idhar sub samachaar milta hay.
t: sir ….
mr. g: nahin hum kuch naeen bolta, kya!...jinnah saheb apuna ka bridge pardner hay, kya?
t: as you wish sir (these guys can read minds – wish we can do so too down here)
mr. g: arey kya bolta bhai. apun log aisa neechay kar sakhta tou maja naee aata?
t: yes sir, if everyone can read each other's mind things would not get out of hand. here only nawab (sub's dog) can read minds.
mr. g: chalo tum ko kaam karnaika hoiga. ram ram.
t: good day to you too sir.


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