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Monday, October 31, 2005

jab'r and qad'r

for urstruly

The Divine Teacher in His All Awareness knows why we failed the test.

in the interesting, prolonged and inconclusive debate that rages in chrisitianity and not very knowledgeable about would probably be a 'jab'riya'...knowingly or unknowingly!


for the uninitiated...a simplistic example:

if a child born today turns out to be another hitler or milocevic when he grows up then the jab'riyas would say he did not read the writing on the wall and deserves what is coming to him on the day of judgement

the qad'riyas will differ...albeit slightly...'that man is neither completely the master of his fate nor is he bound to the blind law of predestination'...(Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (viii. 53; xiii. 11)...).

...Dr Muhammad Iqbal has shed a good deal of light over this problem. He says: "Divine knowledge must be conceived as a living creative activity to which the objects that appear to exist in their own right are organically related. By conceiving God's knowledge as a kind of reflecting mirror, we no doubt save His fore-knowledge of future events, but it is obvious that we do so at the expense of His freedom. The future certainly pre-exists in the organic whole of God's creative life, but it pre-exists as an open possibility, not as a fixed order of events with definite outlines."...

...they will also question the Almighty herself...why would she knowingly create a 'demon' and then assign him hell, they i said at the outset...this debate is raging and inconclusive...

...we mostly create our own destiny...'mostly' did i say? there!


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