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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Slyly she escaped & sped away on the sledge. The infant king lay bundled up, oblivious to the burden of being the dynasty's sole heir #TS278

#TS278 It was in his blood. He smiled, slid the sled slyly. No one would know the harness was cut, not even the experienced hand going mush

uvanuk, an inuit shaman wrote that tootega preceded jesus's act.and akna the goddess of childbirth confirmed there is no santa claus. #TS278

#TS278 "Where's Prongs?" Santa asked, fastening Rudolph to the sled. "Harry shouted 'Expecto Patronum', so he had to go.." Rudolph smirked

#TS278 Took over d dynasty,did well but 1regret,had no idea d family treasure was taken away dat night as he slyly said"bye,one last time"

#TS278 As folks poured in the castle,they heard a whizzing sound in the air. Afterall Xaars were taught to keep the escape plan always handy

#TS278 'This secret has been in the Klaus family for generations.' With a flourish, Santa removed his glove to reveal the illuminati ring.


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