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Monday, September 10, 2012


Jinn Woo melted into the crowd. another meat puppet in this hotbed of mediocrity #TS276

#TS276 The radar blipped. Alladin was confused. Genie was supposed to be visible, right? Then who's the dot? Casper smirked in the corner.

#TS276 As she dusted the old microwave oven, the door flew open & a Jinn floated out. "Who-?" she gasped. "The name's Bond. Jinn Bond."

The people completely stopped believing in wishes so the jinn lived incognito as an unemployed and survived on microwave popcorn. #TS276

The scientist was known for his fondness for music. 'There is a ghost of you in my haunted heart' played as he microwaved her limbs. #TS276
"This car is not running on water but a jinn is pushing it. You can't see it as our eyes can't see microwaves !", the anchor said. #TS276


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