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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pilgrim Non Grata in Mecca, Newsweek Sets Up Local Shop, Clueless?

Mayor of Kabil & Occupier of President's House discuss Security

Pilgrim Non Grata in Mecca
Pennsylvania Woman Tied to Plot on Cartoonist

Rana, Malik get one-year bans, Younis and Yousuf axed from teams - If the team is rotten, then are the people who are in charge of running it not the same? The players have been singled out, but the managers, selectors and board officials who run the show have sidestepped the mess nicely. What of the punishers?

Upset by U.S. Security, Pakistanis Return as Heroes - In preparatory briefings for their trip, the politicians were advised that they might have to submit to extra body searches, just as randomly selected Americans must submit to secondary screening by the new machines, two officials from the American Embassy said. The Pakistanis were specifically warned that the United States was not a “V.I.P. culture,” unlike Pakistan, where politicians are often exempted from unpalatable procedures that other people have to tolerate, the American officials said.

Newsweek Sets Up Local Shop

Invisible victims of terror With the helplessness of such women visible to all, it is hardly surprising that stories have surfaced about pimps who propose marriage ostensibly to ‘help them’. Apparently, after a sham ceremony, the pimps transport widows and young women from various areas of the NWFP to red light districts in Karachi and Lahore. Undoubtedly, many of those who escape this fate often end up begging to feed their large families since they lack access to any skills or resources to earn a living.
Maxim Cartoon

Tick Tock: Only 2 weeks left: PPP, MQM indecisive over new local govt system
President Zardari signs women bill into law
Women’s Complaint Cells closed down without prior notice
Biggies refuse to cough up Rs 7 billion

Police clueless as Lahore blast toll climbs to 15 - This is strange - what happened to the usual suspects - the US, Israelis, India, RaW.....?

Anjum Niaz: We all are adrift as a nation. Convicts, cheats, felons, jailbirds are the government's and opposition's most favoured. Forget the Taliban savagery, the whole landscape is turning bloody. Had the rot been contained; had corruption by cabinet ministers been stopped; had Zardari's wealth been returned to the treasury coffers; had the energy crisis been resolved; had the president fulfilled his promises made to the people of Pakistan; had the superior judiciary been allowed to work independently; had the PML-N been a genuine opposition party and not a shadow boxer; the daily practice to reward the criminals that we're witnessing among the ruling party and the opposition would be a thing of the past.


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