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Monday, March 08, 2010

Painting: Art, issues and hope, A tribute to Ghanshyam

Saima Salman on Arjumand Hussain: The debate whether art should be meaningful or created to titillate the aesthetic sense alone is as old as the hills. It’s an inconclusive issue (yes, it can be categorised as an issue) because if art doesn’t convey a thought (and all thoughts carry meanings) it fails in its pursuit; and if it doesn’t appeal to your aesthetic sense it can’t be an artistic endeavour (for creating art is essentially an aesthetic exercise).
Maxim Cartoon

COMMENT: TV talk shows: good, bad or just inane —Dr Syed Mansoor Hussain

Every so often I decide to watch some of the Pakistani TV talk shows. After my most recent foray into the world of incessant shouting and entirely illogical arguments I was forced to coin two neologisms for the talking heads on TV. For the smoother ones, it is ‘the Gliberati’ and for most of the rest it is ‘the Gibberati’.


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