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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Michael Moore, Sen. Michael Bennet: Reform the Filibuster, M.F. Husain, Indira Gandhi & a portrait

COMMUNALISM Probing questions - The Supreme Court directive to the Special Investigation Team adds a qualitative dimension to the Gujarat riots cases.

Among English verbs
to die is oddest in its
eagerness to be dead,
immodest in its
haste to be told –
a verb alchemical
in the head:
one speck of its gold
and a whole life’s lead.

— Photo courtesy: K. Natwar Singh

Husain and his subject, the author.
Sen. Michael Bennet: Reform the Filibuster -The legislative language itself is quite arcane. But the gist of it is this. Cloture votes (those requiring a 60-vote majority to end debate) wouldn't be eliminated. But after three such votes, the threshold for blocking action would be set at 45 Senators. Important here is that Bennet is not focusing on the threshold for passing cloture, which other lawmakers championing filibuster reform have done. Rather, he's putting the onus on the party doing the filibustering to actually come up with the numbers to sustain a filibuster.
Robert Fisk: Mubarak's challenger can't rely on a fair race The previous contender for Mubarak's job, Ayman Nour, was imprisoned after the 2005 election for forgery, a charge which he said was fraudulent. It might be more difficult to lock up Mohamed ElBaradei. But he's likely to find "democracy" in Egypt a more daunting task than keeping his eye on Iran.

The switch to jehad A G Noorani

Jennifer Jajeh's critically acclaimed one-woman show, I Heart Hamas and Other Things I am Afraid to Tell You, pulls no punches. From a Ramallah Convention in San Francisco in the 1980s, to casting lines in contemporary Los Angeles, to the front lines of the Israeli occupation and back, Jajeh navigates the complicated and often conflicted terrain of Palestinian identity. The Electronic Intifada contributor Uda Olabarria Walker interviews Jajeh about her work.


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