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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Battle over Afghan peace talks intensifies, Stuff to think about, Americas Secret Prisons

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Goldman's Great Greek Swindle and the American Blowback
Is Goat the New Cow? Why American Foodies and Environmentalists Are Reviving the Old-World Staple
Battle over Afghan peace talks intensifies
US military targets Israeli 'intransigence'
Americas Secret Prisons

Cafe Piyala again comes up with stuff to think about.After watching / reading the portion quoted above, do we, the viewers, have a right to ask the following questions?

1. Was Hamid Mir being an impartial and analytical journalist with respect to the PMLN?
2. Is it his position as a journalist that allows him to provide security advice to the Sharifs and be on the roster of speakers at a madrassah at least two years in a row?
3. With respect to the security advice Mir admits himself to have tendered the previous year to the Sharifs and the (later assassinated) head of the Jamia Naeemia, does Mir know something he is not telling his viewers or the government, and if so, how?
4. Was it fair of the media to attack what Shahbaz Sharif said without providing the full context of what he was responding to, particularly when it involved one of its own?


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