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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Death by debt, Is anyone listening? Nighat Orakzai offers dupatta to Shahbaz Sharif

Cafe Piyala: A Bit of His Own Medicine for the 'Doc'
Nighat Orakzai offers dupatta to Shahbaz Sharif
I was quoted out of context, says Shahbaz
Aga Khan's Islamic treasures go on show in Berlin
Rs100 bn deals without tenders; PAC takes stock of NHA violation of Public Procurement Rules today

Death by Debt - Dr Ashfaque H Khan: External debt and liabilities stood at $55.7 billion by end-December 2009 – increased from $52.3 billion in end-June 2009. In other words, Pakistan added $3.342 billion in external debt in just six months of the year. For the information of our readers, Pakistan added $2.6 billion in external debt in seven years but in the last two and a half years, it added $15.3 billion to stand at $55.7 billion.

From Osama to Taliban, where are the Sharifs headed? Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s careful treading through the power corridors received a severe blow as his public appeal to the Taliban for avoiding his fiefdom raised an unprecedented hue and cry in the National Assembly.

Book review: The secrets of the human soul —by Mehr TararLink

July, July By Tim O’Brien Penguin Group; Pp 306
“We had fed the heart on fantasies,
The heart’s grown brutal from the fare” — William Butler Yeats.

The 60s. The golden generation
with huge dreams. A group of college students. The kick ass, never-die attitude. The passionate spring of 1969, when all of them live beyond themselves, truly buoyed and inspired by the times awakening them to new realities. Something is in the air; they live enveloped in a wave of moral heat with a tangible distinction between the good and evil permeating their thoughts and actions. Fast forward to year 2000 — a new millennium — the same group of people meet for a class reunion.

No one is listening, Kamran: Surely spreading hate against other religions is against the law? Surely calling for mass suicide is against the law? Surely advocating nuking the hell out of another country is a crime against humanity itself? Why, then, is this man not prosecuted?

Why does the federal government not get the Federal Bureau of Revenue to investigate the sources of this person’s income, which must be huge judging from the campaigns he mounts, to see who exactly keeps him in big money? Why does the judiciary, which seems to be hell-bent on just pursuing the federal government’s leaders, not take suo motu notice of this man’s dangerous spoutings?

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