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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Licence to drive, everywhere, Give Afridi a break, 9 Food Label Lies, Unrepentant polemicist

Harsha Bhogle..., I must admit I am not a fan of ball-tampering, but I do believe that if it went to a just court, those in favour would have a decent case.
Give Afridi a break --As long as there is imbalance between bat and ball, there exists a possibility, a risk, of someone playing God and attempting to bridge the gap between the two. Bowlers have been dealt a rough hand by the administrators. Flat pitches, thick bats, short boundaries, limits on bouncers, free hit and Powerplays are just a few things that have neutralised bowlers. Is it not wrong that a game that preaches equality and fair play has confined bowlers to the status of inferiors in a master-servant relationship with the batsmen?


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