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Saturday, February 06, 2010

irfan husain: “post-literate phase” Juxtaposition, Gen Kayani, Jamsheed Marker, Babar Sattar,

irfan husain: “post-literate phase”... images had superseded the printed word as the vehicle for disseminating history.

Value Added Tax: improper implementation to hit PSDP
Michigan woman discovers husband converted to Islam, had 2 other wives
Despite preoccupation with fighting the war on terror, for Gen Kayani and the institution he leads the major worry remains India. He said that he had made it clear to Nato commanders in Brussels that the Pakistani army would remain “India-centric” owing to the threat perception from India and the unresolved issues between the two nations. He highlighted Kashmir and the water dispute in this context.

BOOK REVIEW: A few good men —by Afrah Jamal

Quiet Diplomacy: Memoirs of an Ambassador of Pakistan
By Jamsheed Marker
Oxford University Press; Pp 448

Jamsheed Marker belongs to an exceptional cadre of Foreign Service officers entrusted to keep things on an even keel on the diplomatic stage. Providence chose him to fill the void brought on by a sudden influx of newly independent nations and the subsequent need to expand diplomatic service during the 1960s. A stellar career in fostering global diplomacy as the longest serving ambassador has earned him a special place in history.

ANALYSIS: Drone attacks and US reputation —Farhat Taj

In terms of the drone attacks, the US must not make any distinction between al Qaeda and the Taliban. They both have internalised a global ideology that is anti-civilisation and anti-human

Babar Sattar: as we go around denouncing the US as evil incarnate, let us also remember that the same folks who arrested Aafia Siddiqui also detained Masood Janjua around the same time and our justice system is yet to find a clue to his whereabouts.Instead of following the Jamaat-e-Islami’s lead and mimicking the monkey who lit up his own tail in fury, it is preferable to focus on the available legal remedies within the US justice system... Reforming ourselves to build a nation whose rights no one dare impinge will be a more constructive approach.

As Iqbal warned:

Taqdeer ke qazi ka yeh fatwa hai azal se/hai jurm-e-zaeefi ki saza marg-e-mufajaat.


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