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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Made in Pakistan - Scenes From 2009, Huma Imtiaz

Made in Pakistan - Scenes From 2009

Huma Imtiaz : A tanker full of water can cost anywhere between Rs 1,200-2,000. According to Samina Waheed, a resident of DHA since 1996, she spends an estimated Rs 10,000 on water tankers per month, a cost that “rises each time one has house guests over or there is a wedding in the house!” Tired of paying money to get her lawn watered, she has now had it paved with tiles. Ayesha Aslam, a resident of Phase IV, says, “It’s an inconvenience to be concerned on a continual basis about whether or not you have running water. Waiting for the tanker to get water to you is another inconvenience, which delays the process further. It’s such a basic necessity, and yet one has to remember you’re privileged to even have running water.” The cost, with the increasing demand of DHA residents for water tankers, has multiplied over the years.

"Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday reiterated that the 1973 Constitution would be restored to its original form..." He has NOT read the original constitution! Can you imagine what

Jamaat chief Munawwar Hussain's statement is dancing/politicking over the graves.


Taliban claim responsibility for Karachi Ashura bombing, but NOT the looting and burning in the aftermath.

And Salis could have asked more questions, but he did not.


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